Fairness first

The library is a quiet zone

  • Speak quietly and only if absolutely necessary
  • Use your cell phone for reading purposes only
  • Switch electronic devices to mute
  • Use headphones

Getting ready to study

  • Use the provided lockers for your personal belongings
  • For your convenience baskets are available at the circulation desk for your study materials
  • Be aware that the entrance and locker areas are quiet zones

Taking a study break

  • Reserve your workspace temporarily by using the “Pausenscheibe” (study break cards)
    Be aware that in Kaiserslautern your workspace is only reserved for a 30 minute period (between noon and 2:00 pm -> 1 hour). In Landau your workspace is reserved for 60 minutes.
  • Spend your study breaks outside the library. Food and beverages may not be taken into the library
  • Only transparent closed water bottles may be brought into the library

Study areas in the library

  • Individual working spaces are available for your use in the library
  • Group study rooms are only available in the department libraries in Kaiserslautern and the university library in Landau
  • Tables and chairs are to remain in their designated position and place
  • Computer workspaces (book scanners, online catalogue…) are individual workspaces
  • Are all workspaces occupied? Check our website for alternative working areas