Borrowing and Using our Resources

The library provides print collections as well as electronic ressources for a wide range of disciplines.

Electronic Ressources

The library offers access to many journal articles and books. For an internet connection from home VPN or Shibboleth are necessary to gain access. 

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Organisational Matters

Library Account

Borrowing Information (registration, hours, fees, ...)


  • All copies of a book are on loan - Place a reserve request.
  • Renewals can be done online - Visit your library account.
  • Requested books are not available in Kaiserslautern - These books can be ordered from libraries worldwide via the Interlibrary Loan Service or an acquisition request can be made.
  • Literature not for lending - Some of these special resources can borrowed over night or over the weekend. - For further information contact the librarians in your department library.

Searching and Finding

Use our resources for courses, theses, seminars and workshops. Learn more about means and ways to find literature.

Searching Literature

Our catalog contains books, ebooks and scientific articles. For a detailed search bibliographic databases are useful.

Tips for searching

Types of resources at the library

Occational Searching

Lectures and Exams
Scientific Writing

Electronic Resources

Access to Electronic Resources

Course Reserved

Books and textbooks often needed in courses are specially shelved and cannot be borrowed. Course reserves can be found in the Department Library of Social Sciences in the Central Library as well as in the other Department Libraries. All course reserves are listed in the library’s online catalog.

Textbook Collection

The textbook collection is located in the Central Library (Bldg. 32) and holds academic literature for undergraduates of all disciplines with the exception of the Department of Architecture, Regional and Environmental Planning and Civil Engineering. Textbooks can be borrowed for a four week period, renewal of the lending period is possible.

Courses and Information

Besides of our library courses there are other sources to learn more about library-oriented topics such as searching and managing literature.


We offer special courses about searching and finding literature as well as citing and managing sources.

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Book a librarian and individual requests

If you got a problem our team of the Central Information will help you. Contact them for special questions or for more information on searching and finding literature.

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E-Tutorials: Video tutorials about searching for books, introduction to the library, scientific working and a lot of more. Only available in German.

Searching strategies


Learning Spaces

The University Library offers various learning areas such as quiet individual workplaces or rooms for groupwork.

Learing spaces

In the following you get information about the premises of the library:

Overview of the library locations with available places, group work rooms as well as opening hours and service times.


Do you need a break? In addition to various "feature films", we also offer you various daily newspapers and magazines.

Film borrowing

In addition to scientific literature, the library also has a selection of feature films that can be borrowed free of charge by students.


Daily newspapers and magazines such as Geo, Spiegel, Focus, Test, Ökotest can be found in the Social Sciences Department Library and the university library in Landau. Ask our staff. We will be pleased to help.