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Checklist for access to electronic resources of the UB KL

Once your IP address is within the allowed range, you may need to check for additional requirements for successful access to electronic media.

In addition to some offers available on the internet, the use of numerous products is only possible after the conclusion of a fee-based license agreement. Please check therefore, whether the UB has acquired a license for the desired product.

  • Licensed e-books and e-journals can be found in our Online-Catalogue called Katalog+ and herePlease note if the license is really valid for the Kaiserslautern campus or if the e-medium is only available for the Landau campus! You will find a corresponding note in the full display of the title.
  • Further License information for electronic journals can be obtained via the status lights of the Electronic Journals Library (EZB)
  • License information for databases can be obtained via the Database Information System (DBIS)

Access to the electronic media offer of the University Library is reserved for members of the University for licensing reasons.

Providers usually check access to licensed electronic media through the IP address of your computer. For a successful access, the computer must therefore be located in the campus network of the university.

For many electronic products, members of the university can also access licensed electronic media from off campus. To do this, you must log in to the campus network using the VPN client installed on your computer. For instructions on setting up your operating system, see the pages of the RHRZ.

Some providers only allow access to their product directly on the campus of the University of Kaiserslautern (examples: databases "juris" and "beck-online").

License information can be found in the detailed view of a database in the database information system (DBIS) or in the full list in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). Click on the info symbol for the latter.

At the places mentioned you will also find information on which years of a journal or which modules of a database are subscribed and if there are time restrictions

Certain browser settings (see following points) may cause electronic resources not to be displayed. Before you change your browser settings, it is recommended to change the browser. In low-use browsers, the default settings are often active. Recommended is Mozilla Firefox.


If access to the Internet via a proxy server or your computer is indeed within the campus network, but behind a firewall, there may be problems with the IP check (control of the network address) by the provider. Some providers do not accept IP addresses assigned by proxy servers. In this case, you must set the direct access to the network in your browser configuration. Certain settings on a firewall can also prevent access to a licensed database.


A few publishers absolutely require the acceptance of cookies. In this case, set your browser to accept cookies.


A few providers require the activation of JavaScript. Internet browsers that have JavaScript turned off will be rejected. In this case, set your browser to enable JavaScript.


If you are having problems opening PDF files, it's a good idea to install the latest version of Adobe Reader from the Adobe download page. In some cases, it may be necessary to integrate Adobe Reader as a plug-in into the browser.

Some providers open the PDF files in pop-up windows. If you've blocked pop-ups in your browser, you'll need to disable this feature to allow access to the PDFs

If access to a licensed electronic journal, database or licensed e-book is still not possible, please do not hesitate to contact us. With the help of a precise error description we can support you promptly.


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