Reference Management Software

Reference management software supports scientists during every step of academic writing. Particularly in the case of more extensive publications, where large literature collections can quickly arise, reference management programs will help you to keep track of all references and to manage the collected literature in a structured manner.

Using reference management software you can:

  • save bibliographic references and files
  • organize collected literature
  • automatically create reference lists and citations
  • select different citation styles   
  • schedule tasks

Overview of Various reference management software

Windows-based software with intuitive user interface, collaborative editing capabilities and good support. The TU Kaiserslautern owns a campus license for Citavi, the program is available to university members for free.

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Software in English for Windows and Mac. It is also available as a web version and suitable for both beginners and advanced users. In addition to the commercial version, a free version with limited functionality is available. 

A freeware program for Windows, Mac and Linux, this software is especially suitable for users of LaTex and for managing large literature collections. The program is also available as a web version.

Freeware program in English for Windows, Mac and Linux. This program is also available as a web version and is especially suited to support collaboration within groups. For projects with more than 2 GB memory, additional storage space can be purchased.

Platform-independent commercial software program with a simple user interface. 

Free software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Zotero is especially suited for first-year students and for managing smaller literature collections. Additional storage volume can be purchased for projects with more than 300 MB of storage space.