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Individual works or large sections of self-contained text are referred to as a book. They are published either as a printed book or in electronic form as an e-book. E-books appear either in parallel with a printed edition or only electronically.


How to Search for Books and E-books


Looking for a specific book? Start your search in Katalog+.

Here you can search the extensive collection of the university libraries Kaiserslautern and Landau. You will find all printed books and journals with information on location and availability as well as electronic resources with a link to the full text. In addition, available journal articles from selected journals or literature not available in Kaiserslautern or Landau are also included.

Submit a Query

Katalog+ offers various search areas: Everything, Library holdings (without articles), Digital media, Articles, UB Landau, UB Kaiserslautern and Course Reserves.

  • You know the title or the author/editor of the book: Search with keywords from the title and/or with the author’s name.
  • You do not know the exact title of the book: Enter your keywords in the search field. Katalog+ offers comfortable options for word completion and word stem search. Narrow your search by print/online, media type, language and much more.

Search Result

The individual records are enhanced with additional information such as table of contents, book cover and QR code.

  • You have found your book: Pay attention to the location and availability of the book.
  • Your book is borrowed: In the full record, you can request the item.
  • You are looking for similar titles: These titles are displayed in the right window of the full record.
  • Your book is not available: Order the book via interlibrary loan.

Special Collections

Reserve Collection

The reserve collection includes books indicated by university lecturers as relevant literature for their seminars. A copy of this recommended reading is placed on a special shelf in the specific department library. This copy cannot be borrowed and is intended for use in the library. In most cases, other borrowable copies are available.

In Landau the reserve collection books tagged with a green sticker and placed on a special shelf at the end or begining of the library section.

How to Search for Literature beyond Kaiserslautern

You did not find your book in our collection? Use other search portals and library catalogs. Usually the books found there can be ordered via interlibrary loan or other document delivery services.

Search and order portal for interlibrary loan:
DigiBib (Kaiserslautern or Landau): search engine for books, book chapters and articles.

Purchase Recommendation (Kaiserslautern or Landau) - The university library checks if the acquisition proposals are in accordance with its collection mandate and will consider them depending on the available budget.

Searching book collections within the region, Germany-wide or worldwide: If necessary, the book you are looking for can be borrowed or viewed in a nearby library.

Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK): book search engine for searching hundreds of millions of media in catalogs worldwide.
Worldcat: world's largest bibliographic database, which includes catalogs from thousands of libraries
Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB): search engine for acadamic peer-reviewed open access books

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