Journals / E-Journals

Periodicals published at regular intervals in the same cover form and whose content usually corresponds to particular thematic or subject-related focus are referred to as journals. These are published either in printed form and/or as electronic editions.

How to Search for Journals and E-jounals


Looking for a specific journal? You have the details of an article and are looking for the journal or newspaper in which this essay was published? Start your search in Katalog+.
Here you will find not only journals and newspapers from the collections of the university library, but also literature unavailable in Kaiserslautern and Landau, regardless of the year or form of publication.

Submit a Query

Enter the beginning of the title or keywords in the search field. In the hit list, you can narrow down your results to journal (printed and electronic) using the media type filter.

Search Results

  • You have found your journal: Note which volumes are included in the collections of the university library. The call number indicates the location of the journal.
  • The journal you are looking for is available in electronic form [Electronic Journal].: The button "Full text" or the given link will take you to the journal's website. 
  • You cannot find the journal you are looking for in Katalog+: Use other search portals and journal catalogs.

How to Search for Literature

beyond RPTU:

DigiBib: search engine for journals and articles
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): search engine for academic peer-reviewed journals
Worldcat: world's largest bibliographic database, which includes catalogs from thousands of libraries

Availability at other Libraries

You can use the following catalogs to check whether the e-journal or the printed journal is available at other libraries:

Electronic Journals Library (EZB): bibliographic database on scientific electronic journals. The library to be checked must be selected. The default is the university library of  RPTU.

German Union Catalog of Serials (ZDB): database for searching journals, newspapers and databases available in German and Austrian libraries.

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