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Open Access Agreements of the University Library

The scientific publishing system is undergoing a transition: a transformation to open access. This includes moving away from the traditional subscription model, in which libraries pay for access to scientific publications. For this reason, libraries conclude so-called transformation agreements with publishers, among others. A transformative agreement consists of two components: All authors belonging to a participating institution are given the opportunity to publish their articles immediately open access. Participating institutions and their users receive read access to a publisher's content, even if it is (still) behind a paywall.

You have written a scientific article primarily within the scope of your research activities at RPTU (employment contract) and are corresponding author at the same time? Then you can use the journal titles of a total of eight agreements for your open access publication:

DEAL Wiley and Springer, Nature and Nature research journals, IOP Publishing and AIP Publishing, PLOS, Hogrefe, Frontiers.

The open access team uses dashboards to check whether authors belong to the RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau. The library covers the costs for all agreements at the present time. For Frontiers, the UB invoices the corresponding article fees to the authors. If the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, we will automatically deduct the amount of the publication fund. We also provide detailed information for you on our website.

Please choose the option to publish under a CC-BY license. Non-commercial licenses are often selected by scientists in order to exclude commercial reuse. The boundary between commercial and non-commercial is often very blurred. For this reason, the NC licenses usually do not fulfill the desired purpose.

Online Coffee Lecture: How to publish open access with Springer and Wiley (Video, 13:19 min)

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