Articles / Literature on a Subject

Scientific publications (so-called papers) or articles from scientific journals appear with a printed edition and also electronically.

How to Search for Printed and Electronic Articles


Have you formulated appropriate search terms for your topic?
Start your search in Katalog+.
Here you will find a large number of electronic articles from all subject areas in full text.

Submit a Query

Enter your search terms in the search field and select the search area "Articles“.
Tip: In the Advanced Search you can select "Keyword" as a search field / search category. The keyword describes the content of the literature reference. 

Search Result

  • You have found an electronic article: Under the tab "View Online - Full text availability" you will find the link to the full text. If the journal from which the article is taken is also in the library's print collection, this is indicated by an entry under the "Get It" tab. Follow the website Journals/E-Journals.
  • Katalog+ does not provide enough literature on your topic: Continue your search in databases. You can find suitable databases via the Database Information System (DBIS).


A bibliographic database is a specialized database that contains bibliographic data and possibly additional specialized text information.

Take advantage of our wide range of databases of all subject areas. You can choose from different database types such as bibliographic databases, fulltext, factual or image databases. You can find them with the following search tools:

Database Information System (DBIS): Here you will find the entire range of databases licensed for the RPTU as well as those freely accessible on the internet.
Katalog+: Here you can find all databases licensed for the RPTU. These databases can be filtered by the media type „eJournal“.

Selection of the appropriate Database

In DBIS, the databases are offered sorted by subject area. In addition, there is also an extended search function, which, among other things, allows for a keyword search to be conducted as well as access to databases with a geographical reference. For all subjects offered at the TU Kaiserslautern, so-called TOP databases are listed at the beginning of the subject list, e.g. mathematics. Information on individual databases, such as content, update, reporting period etc. is available by clicking on the database title.

In many databases, a link "Full text available" will appear along with details of the article. This will take you directly to the article or to the journal's website. If this button does not exist, note the details of the journal in which the article was published and refer to the web page Journals/E-Journals.

The article is not available? Order it via Interlibrary Loans/Document Delivery.

Selecting other Databases

Subject Portals of the university library: specialist information on various fields of knowledge and links to external specialist websites.
Webis – collection focus of German libraries: web portal for research and provision of information on specific subject areas.
German Union Catalogue of Serials (ZDB): database for searching journals, newspapers and databases available in German and Austrian libraries.


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