Browser Add-ons

You may be familiar with this situation: Time is of the essence, and you urgently need a specific scientific paper. However, even with an active VPN connection to your university, a purchase request for the desired journal article appears on the publisher's website. You can use various browser add-ons to locate freely available versions of articles, such as preprints (versions before submission) or postprints (versions after peer review), on the internet, including

Of course, the mentioned add-ons also have their limitations. Not every published article is secondarily published and therefore freely accessible. Join us and maximise the visibility of your scientific work. We encourage you to self-archive your research articles on a repository, e.g. KLUEDO, whenever possible.

Closed access articles can be ordered directly via interlibrary loan or our service “KLUB direkt”.

You can find other useful oa tools on our website.

If you have any questions about open access and publishing, please feel free to contact the open access team. If required, please arrange an individual consultation appointment. You can reach us by e-mail (ub-openaccess(at)

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