Open Access - Erster Überblick
PDF (German only)

Open Access - Was heißt das? Was gilt es zu beachten?
PDF (German only)

The paths of open access
Video (7:45 min)

The DOAJ and the choice of suitable oa journals
Video (7:46 min)

Why an ORCID?
Video (5:40 min)

Der grüne Weg
Video (7:43 min)  (German only)

How to publish open access with Springer and Wiley
Video (13:18 min)

Predatory Publishing – How to detect “black sheep"
Video (13:04 min)

How do I legally get behind the paywall?
Video (7:39 min)

Open Access Publication Fund 2023 New!
Video (5:28 min)



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